Vioxx Class Action

The recent withdrawal of Vioxx from the US market is expected to raise a number of questions, and along with these questions there are likely to be a number of lawsuits lodged by those that have been affected by this drug. Vioxx was market and hailed as a wonder drug in 1999, and was widely prescribed to patients until its withdrawal from the market in September 2004. It was prescribed for osteoarthritis, pain management, and menstrual cramps in adults, but recent studies have shown that is could increase the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

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However, it is the various claims that the manufacturers of the drug, Merck, knew about these possible effects several years ago that could result in masses of big money lawsuits. These lawsuits could be logged by individuals, but due to the number of patients that are likely to be making a claim against Merck it will also result in large numbers of Vioxx class action lawsuits, where a number of claimants file a lawsuit together and are represented by one of two of the claimants that are part of the class action proceeding.

With a Vioxx class action lawsuit, a group of people that have suffered ill effects at the hands of this treatment can make their claim under one umbrella rather than having to make an individual claim. The claims made in a Vioxx class action suit can cover all aspects of your loss or injury, including medical costs, loss of income, physical pain or injury, and pain and suffering. Any compensation won as a result of the Vioxx class action proceedings is split between all parties involved in the lawsuit.

If you have been affected by Vioxx, you are advised to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Your lawyer will be able to advise as to whether you should opt for an individual claim or go for a Vioxx class action lawsuit. Your lawyer can offer this advice based upon your personal circumstances and will recommend the action that is most likely to yield success. Before you make any decision with regards to an individual claim or going through a Vioxx class action suit, you should consider the pros and cons of class action. On the good side, a Vioxx class action lawsuit it more likely to be successful, and will work out cheaper for each of the claimants involved than it would to log separate law suits. On the downside, the compensation you get is likely to be less with a Vioxx class action suit, as the Vioxx settlement has to be split between all claimants involved.

With current revelations that Merck may have already known about the dangers of Vioxx, some legal firms have already launched both individual and Vioxx class action lawsuits on behalf of affected clients. As more and more information comes to light, it is very likely that the number of Vioxx class action lawsuits and single lawsuits will rise dramatically. This could result in many successful six-figure payouts, which is likely to spell devastation for the manufacturing giant, Merck.

Since the recent withdrawal of the drug, patients have been advised to stay vigilant and report signs of any illness to their GPs as soon as possible. As well as ensuing that the patient is not in danger, this will provide additional ammunition for patients that wish to pursue an individual or a Vioxx class action lawsuit. It is also important that affected patients seek legal assistance as early on as possible, as this can provide the legal team with an opportunity to put together as watertight a case as possible. Whether you are going for an individual case or want to file a Vioxx class action lawsuit, early action can make a big difference to the success of your claim.










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