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March 2005 News
(03-01-05) Concerns Over Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Ignorance
(03-02-05) Vioxx Gets Green Light To Come Back On Market
(03-03-05) Studies Show That Painkiller Industry “A Mess”
(03-04-05) Cox-2 Patients Wanted Freedom To Choose
(03-07-05) Scandal over FDA advisory group
(03-08-05) Patients Determined To Continue With Cox-2 Drugs
(03-09-05) Ephedra Products Seized
(03-10-05) Concerns Over OxyContin Abuse
(03-11-05) Lawsuits Over Prempro And Other HRT Drugs
(03-14-05) Schwarzenegger Takes A Stand For Supplements
(03-15-05) Cox-2 Drugs Lose Appeal For Americans
(03-16-05) FDA Warning Over Asians Taking Crestor
(03-17-05) Merck And Pfizer Slammed For Hosting ‘Coke And Pepsi’ Style Marketing
(03-18-05) Prempro Risk Of Incontinence
(03-21-05) Vioxx Death Rates Higher Than Initially Thought
(03-22-05) Ativan Students Hospitalized
(03-23-05) FDA Expected To Issue Advisory On Meridia
(03-24-05) FDA Slated For Inadequate Monitoring Of Drugs
(03-25-05) Merck’s Insurers Want To Walk Away
(03-28-05) Merck Risks Were Not Made Available To All Countries
(03-29-05) Student Charged For Oxycontin Distribution
(03-30-05) FDA States Crestor Is Safe
(03-21-05) FDA Deciding Upon Weight Loss Drug Labelling
(03-31-05) FDA Deciding Upon Weight Loss Drug Labelling
(04-01-05) San Diegan Lost Sense Of Smell Through Using Zicam
(04-04-05) Teenage Gunman Was Taking Zoloft
(04-07-05) Bextra Sales Suspended
(04-06-05) Boy Found To Be Selling Seroquel At School
(04-12-05) Pfizer Not Hopeful For Coming Year
(04-08-05) ADD Drug To Be Pulled From The Market
(04-11-05) Baycol Should Have Been Recalled Earlier
(04-13-05) FDA Refuse To Ban Crestor
(04-14-05) Four Year Sentence For Women Involved In OxyContin Death
(04-15-05) GlaxoSmithKline Facilities In FDA Raids
(04-18-05) Michigan Democrats Want Changes In Law
(04-18-05) Pfizer Plans To Re-Introduce Bextra
(04-19-05) Prison For Doctor That Distributed Drugs Illegally
(04-20-05) Public Citizen Director Makes Statement Following Bextra Withdrawal
(04-21-05) Study Shows Reduced Trust In Celebrex
(04-22-05) Three Lawsuits Filed Against Pfizer For Bextra Damage
(04-25-05) Woman Lost Sense Of Smell Due To Zicam
(04-26-05) Controversial NSAIDs Could Protect Against Colon Cancer
(04-27-05) Drug Mix-Up Warning Issued By Health Canada
(04-28-05) Lamictal Could Help With PGTC In Adults And Children
(04-29-05) Mother Speaks Out On Ephedra Ruling
(05-02-05) Patients Looking For Painkiller Alternatives
(05-03-05) Merck Asks For Dismissal In One Of First Vioxx Lawsuits
(05-04-05) Meridia Can Help Weight Loss In Diabetics
(05-05-05) Neurontin Recalled By Manufacturer
(05-06-05) Anti-Depressant Medication Review To Be Carried Out
(05-09-05) Heat Wraps Could Help Those Scared To Take Painkillers
(05-10-05) Medsafe To Keep Cox-2s On The Shelf
(05-11-05) Pharmacist Dispensed Drugs Without Prescriptions
(00-12-05) Studies Indicate Drug Preservative Could Be Less Harmful Than First Thought
(05-13-05) Substitute Teacher Took Oxycontin With Students
(05-16-05) Worrying Results Revealed In Juvenile Drug Abuse Studies
(05-17-05) Can Epilepsy Drugs Create Suicidal Tendencies?
(05-18-05) How Effective Are Black Box Warnings?
(05-19-05) Irish Acne Lawsuit Delayed
(05-20-05) Merck Trained Employees To Show Positive Side Of Drug
(05-23-05) Vioxx Litigation Could Take Five Years
(05-24-05) Astrazeneca Receives Another Warning About Advertising
(05-25-05) Bextra May Come Back On The Market
(05-26-05) Can FDA Monitor Drugs Objectively?
(05-27-05) Merck CEO Replaced Following Drugs Controversy
(05-31-05) OxyContin Being Sold On The Streets
(06-01-05) Accutane Restrictions Imposed By FDA
(06-02-05) FDA Highlights Dangers Of Drugs In Elderly
(06-03-05) FDA Introduced New Drug Safety Website
(06-07-05) Survey Shows That Americans Prefer Tried And Tested Drugs
(06-08-05) Boys Arrested For Possession By Seatbelt Patrol
(06-09-05) Consumers Should Watch Out For Counterfeit Drugs In Mexico
(06-10-05) Couple Arrested For Drug-Related Robberies
(06-13-05) Cox-2 Drugs To Be Reviewed In Canada
(06-14-05) Cruise Slates Shields For Taking Paxil
(06-15-05) Death Of Law Student From OxyContin Abuse
(06-16-05) Doctor Files Lawsuit Against Merck
(06-17-05) Risks With Over-The-Counter Painkillers, Not Just Prescription Medication
(06-20-05) Huge Number Of Vioxx Lawsuits Expected
(06-21-05) FDA Issues Warning Regarding Dextromethorphan Abuse
(06-22-05) Oxycontin Abuse Highlighted Through Robbery
(06-23-05) Pfizer Continues Insisting That Bextra Could Be Safe
(06-24-05) Public Citizen Wants Celebrex Removed From The Market
(06-27-05) Report Highlights Dangers Of Crestor
(06-28-05) Review Of Accutane On Mental Health
(06-29-05) Concerns As FDA Approve Another Drug
(06-30-05) Consumers Still Falling For Glossy Ad Campaigns By Drug Companies
(07-01-05) Mother Want Stiffer Penalties For Oxycontin Abuse
(07-05-05) Pfizer Hit With Viagra Lawsuit
(07-06-05) Lilly To Settle Zyprexa Lawsuits
(07-07-05) AMA Will Not Back Drug Advertising Ban
(07-08-05) Astrazeneca Drug Gets New FDA Restrictions
(07-11-05) Canadian Regulatory Experts Question Drug Companies
(07-12-05) FDA Plans To Appeal Against Ephedra Ban Overturn
(07-13-05) Many Other Painkillers Could Increase The Risk Of Heart Attacks
(07-14-05) Merck Accused Of Intimidation Over Vioxx Safety Concerns
(07-15-05) Merck Tried To Reformulate Vioxx Several Years Ago
(07-18-05) Oxycontin Ring Bust – 24 People Arrested
(07-19-05) Painkiller Drug Fraud- Men Jailed
(07-20-05) Pharmacies Are The Target For ‘Hillbilly Heroin’
(07-21-05) Australian Health Studies Result In Painkiller Warnings For Children
(07-22-05) Loss Of Patent Case Means Loss Of Jobs At Purdue Pharma
(07-25-05) First Vioxx Case To Hit The Courts In Texas
(07-26-05) Teenager Arrested For Stealing And Dealing Oxycontin
(07-27-05) Oregon Residents Can Now Sue Drug Manufacturers
(07-28-05) Teenager Awarded $8.5 Million After Polio Vaccine Caused Paralysis
(07-29-05) Court Rules That City Dealer Should Have Been Given Stiffer Sentence
(08-01-05) Smoking Couple Face Eviction
(08-02-05) Canadian Panel Votes To Bring Vioxx Back
(08-03-05) French Join Class Action Against Merck
(08-04-05) Pharmacy Robbery For Oxycontin
(08-05-05) University Doctors Resume Testing With Controversial Drug
(08-08-05) Woman Filed Prempro Lawsuit
(08-09-05) Another Lawsuit Against Merck For Misconduct
(08-10-05) Bextra Ban To Remain In Force In The EU
(08-11-05) Patient Puts Gun To Doctor’s Head
(08-12-05) First Vioxx Lawsuit Begins
(08-15-05) Police Officer Arrested For Falsifying Oxycontin Prescriptions
(08-16-05) Ibuprofen Could Cause Excess Bleeding During Gum Surgery
(08-17-05) Is Anti-Cholesterol Drug Crestor As Safe As Other Similar Drugs?
(08-18-05) Joining Forces To Beat Prescription Drug Abuse Problem
(08-19-05) Merck Trial – Company Lied To Doctors About Vioxx
(08-22-05) Repeat Heart Attacks Could Be Cut By Antidepressants
(08-23-05) Lawsuit Filed Against Merck By Durham Man
(08-24-05) Health Plans Can Sue Merck
(08-25-05) Prempro Classified As Carcinogenic
(08-26-05) Cherry Hill Man Gets Prison Sentence For Illegal Drug Distribution
(08-29-05) Jupiter Doctor Convicted On Drugs Charges
(08-30-05) Prempro Classified As Carcinogenic
(08-31-05) Doctor Arrested For Over-Prescribing Medication
(09-01-05) Food And Drugs Administration Criticized For Having Ties To The Industry
(09-02-05) Merck Slated By Texas Attorney General
(09-05-05) Profits Did Not Come Before Safety With Merck’s Vioxx
(09-06-05) Teenager Found To Have Stolen Prescription Drugs From Hospital
(09-07-05) Another Oxycontin Heist By Bandaged Robber
(09-08-05) Doctor States Vioxx Not Responsible For Man’s Death
(09-09-05) Drug Ring Busted At School – 29 Arrested
(09-12-05) Doctor Prescribed Powerful Drugs After License Expired
(09-13-05) Pfizer To Cut Back On Consumer Advertising For Drugs
(09-14-05) Fake Drugs Now Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
(09-15-05) Fort Wayne Man Filing Viagra Lawsuit
(09-16-05) Man Charged In Death Caused By Overdose
(09-19-05) Merck To Settle Some Cases Out Of Court
(09-20-05) Multi-Million Dollar Award To Widow In First Vioxx Trial
(09-21-05) Prescription Drug Abuse Can Spiral Out Of Control
(09-22-05) 1,000 Oxycontin Lawsuits Filed In Staten Island
(09-23-05) Thirty-Nine New Defendants Named In Lawsuit
(09-26-05) Vioxx Lawsuits Continue To Grow
(09-27-05) Celebrex Approved For Ankylosing Spondylitis
(09-28-05) Madison County Man To Be Charged For Theft Of Powerful Painkiller
(09-29-05) Merck Prepares For Next Vioxx Trial
(09-30-05) Prempro Class Action Denied
(10-03-05) Aspirin Could Make Vioxx Safe
(10-04-05) Tough New Regulations For Users Of Accutane
(10-05-05) Lawsuit Dropped By Oxycontin Addict
(10-06-05) Many Patients Have Abandoned Cox-2 Inhibitors Due To Health Implications
(10-07-05) Merck Expected To Lose Next Vioxx Lawsuit
(10-10-05) Canada Conference On Drug Safety And Effectiveness
(10-11-05) Cancer Center Recruits Smokers For Celebrex Tests
(10-12-05) Expert Testimony In Second Vioxx Trial
(10-13-05) Health Risks Associated With Ephedra-Free Supplements
(10-14-05) Oxycontin Case Goes Back To Court
(10-17-05) Positive Trial Results For Oxycodone Alternative
(10-18-05) Toronto Doctors To Curb Celebrex Prescriptions
(10-19-05) FDA Chief Quits After Two Months
(10-20-05) Merck Executive Denies Intimidation At Humeston Trial
(10-21-05) More Lawsuits Expected Against Merck
(10-24-05) New Zealand Vioxx Patients To File Lawsuit
(10-25-05) Doctor Charged With Illegal Drug Distribution
(10-26-05) US Law Firm Files Class Action For New Zealanders
(10-27-05) Experts Reveal Trends In Drug Store Robberies
(10-28-05) Estrogen Has Little Effect On Quality Of Life For Older Women
(10-31-05) Germans Join The Fight Against Vioxx
(11-01-05) Nsaids Pros And Cons
(11-02-05) Father Wants Tighter Controls Over Oxycontin
(11-03-05) Adverse Effects On FDA Due To Vioxx Evidence
(11-04-05) Many NSAID Patients Not Receiving Treatment For Gastric Problems
(11-07-05) Former Corrections Officer Charged For Distributing Oxycontin And Other Drugs
(11-08-05) Women Taking Accutane Need To Use More Caution Regarding Pregnancy
(11-09-05) Doctor Charged With Manslaughter In Three Deaths
(11-10-05) Woman Sues Pharmacy For Wrong Prescription
(11-11-05) No Profit Dent For Merck
(11-14-05) Merck Lawyer Claims Drug Was Thoroughly Tested
(11-15-05) Doctors Recommend Omega-3 For Reducing Inflammation
(11-16-05) FDA Requires Digital Format Labeling From Companies
(11-17-05) Grim Reaper Robs Store For Oxycontin
(11-18-05) Merck Wins First Court Battle
(11-21-05) Public Citizen Push For Revised Labeling On Viagra
(11-22-05) Drug Sales Declining In United States
(11-23-05) Another Oxycontin Drug Store Robbery
(11-25-05) Researchers Report On Painkiller Effects On Heart Attack Patients
(11-28-05) Man Sentenced For Oxycontin Distribution
(11-29-05) Drug Ads: Educational Or Just Costly?
(11-30-05) Jurors Blame Health Issues For Man’s Heart Attack
(12-01-05) Black Box Warning Not Given Serious Attention By Doctors
(12-02-05) Narcotics Charges For Teenager
(12-05-05) Vioxx Cases In New Jersey Will Involve Long Term Use
(12-06-05) Worrying Figures Over Teenage Abuse Of Prescription Drugs
(12-07-05) Clown-Masked Robber Steals Oxycontin
(12-08-05) Drug Store Staff To Be Trained In Responding To Robberies
(12-09-05) Student Faces Charges Over Oxycontin
(12-12-05) Major Restructure Expected From Merck
(12-13-05) First Houston Vioxx Trial To Hit The Courts
(12-14-05) Woman Stole Prescription Medication From The Elderly
(12-15-05) Study On Effects Of Cox-2 Inhibitors On Stomach Upsets
(12-16-05) Vioxx Does Not Cause Heart Attacks States Doctor
(12-19-05) Merck Restructure Details Disclosed
(12-20-05) Not Enough Attention Given To Black Box Warnings
(12-21-05) Vioxx Research Should Have Been More Heavily Challenged
(12-22-05) Men Arrested In Drug Store Thefts
(12-23-05) Are The Elderly Selling Their Prescription Drugs?
(12-26-05) First Federal Merck Case Declared Mistrial
(12-27-05) Study To Take Place To Test Safety Of Painkillers For Heart Patients
(12-29-05) Anti-Obesity Drug Could Be Sold Over The Counter
(12-30-05) Editorial States That Vioxx Could Have Been Valuable If FDA Had Slowed Approval
(01-02-06) Serious Medicine Side Effects Being Overlooked By FDA
(01-03-06) Concerns Over Rises In Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teens
(01-04-06) Drug Manufacturers Set To Increase Safety Studies On Drugs
(01-05-06) Fourth Vioxx Case To Be Heard In Starr County
(01-06-06) Merck Researcher’s Testimonies Searched For Discrepancies
(01-09-06) Sisters Under Arrest For Theft Of Painkillers
(01-10-06) Over-The-Counter Drugs Used Inappropriately By Many
(01-11-06) Study Concludes That Genes Can Affect Reaction To Painkillers
(01-12-06) Aussie Patients To Have Bigger Say Over Drug Regulations
(01-13-06) Pfizer To Pay For Full Rights To Inhaled Insulin
(01-16-06) Doctor Convicted Of Fraud
(01-17-06) Experts State Changes Needed In FDA Drug Approval Methods
(01-18-06) Oxycontin Manufacturer Faces Legal Action
(01-19-06) More Vioxx Trials To Go Ahead Next Month
(01-20-06) Ad Campaign To Be Launched To Cut Down On Prescription Drug Abuse
(01-23-06) Bextra Will Not Return To Canadian Market
(01-24-06) FDA Continues With Drug Crackdown On Imports
(01-25-06) Researchers State More Targeted Marketing Needed For Drugs
(01-26-06) Nation’s Fourth Vioxx Trial Set To Begin
(01-27-06) Massachusetts To Increase Oxycontin Monitoring
(01-30-06) Senate Panel Clears Nurse Practitioner Prescribing Bill
(01-31-06) Some Feel Gifts From Pharmaceutical Companies Should Be Banned
(02-01-06) Illegal Drug Distribution – Trial Date Set
(02-02-06) Man Robs Nashville Store For Powerful Painkillers
(02-03-06) Jury Seated For Fourth Vioxx Case
(02-06-06) Inhaled Insulin Approved By FDA
(02-07-06) Man Arrested Over Oxycontin Overdose
(02-08-06) Two Doctors Dropped From Garza Lawsuit
(02-09-06) Doctor Broke Rules With Drug Treatment
(02-10-06) Delays On Federal Vioxx Trials
(02-13-06) Doctor Not Allowed To Testify In Vioxx Trial
(02-14-06) Affected Families Want To Raise Awareness Of Accutane Dangers
(02-15-06) Cox 2 Inhibitors Can Decrease Risk Of Breast Cancer Say Researchers
(02-16-06) Men Sentenced For Oxycontin Distribution
(02-17-06) Accutane Registration Deadline May Be Extended By FDA
(02-20-06) ADHD Drugs Need Stronger Warnings
(02-21-06) Federal Regulators Say Keep Bextra Off The Market
(02-22-06) Former FDA Official States Merck Had Time To Warn Consumers
(02-23-06) Doctor Pleads Guilty To Illegal Distribution Of Oxycontin
(02-24-06) Cox-2 Inhibitors Could Decrease Breast Cancer Risk
(02-28-06) Birth Control Patch Needs Further Studying
(03-01-06) Cholesterol Drugs Can Help Stroke Patients
(03-02-06) Success For Merck In Vioxx Trial
(03-03-06) Police Looking For Oxycontin Robber
(03-06-06) Lawyers Claim That Merck Hid Dangers Of Vioxx
(03-07-06) Study Reveals Heart Dangers Of Celebrex
(03-08-06) Consumer Group Wants FDA To Ban Darvon Products
(03-09-06) FDA Protecting Drug Companies From Legal Action
(03-10-06) Cardiologist States Vioxx Can Cause Damage Even In Short Term Use
(03-13-06) David Graham Told To Testify In Merck Lawsuits
(03-14-06) Eschenbach To Be Nominated As FDA Commissioner By Bush
(03-15-06) Merck Executive’s Vioxx Testimony Interrupted
(03-16-06) Nursing Home Fined Over Oxycontin Death
(03-17-06) Courthouse Evacuated During Vioxx Trial
(03-20-06) Drop In Sales Visit To Doctors By Pharmaceutical Sales Reps
(03-21-06) Merck Scientist Defends Drug Manufacturer Regarding Risks Of Vioxx
(03-22-06) New Research Indicated Some Medications Could Delay Healing Process
(03-23-06) Police Bust Illegal Oxycontin Ring
(03-24-06) ADHD Drugs Require Stronger Warnings
(03-27-06) Baycol Class Action Settlement Approved
(03-28-06) Delay On MS Drug’s Return To Market
(03-29-06) Drug Advertising Has Toned Down Recently
(03-30-06) Drug Not Safe Enough To Treat ADHD Yet
(03-31-06) Drug Related Wrongful Death Settlement Approved
(04-03-06) FDA Urged To Pull Abortion Pill From The Market
(04-04-06) Fedex Worker Allegedly Stole And Sold Prescription Drugs
(04-05-06) Gps Flooded With Crestor Inquiries
(04-06-06) Flurry Of Pharmacy Robberies In London, Ontario
(04-07-06) Bextra And Vioxx Could Be Better Replaced With Drug Combination
(04-10-06) Doctor Defends Merck Over Heart Attack
(04-11-06) Man Arrested After Attempting To Steal Prescription Drugs
(04-12-06) Myrtle Beach Doctors Get Reduced Sentences
(04-13-06) Pfizer Faces Class Action Lawsuit
(04-14-06) Celebrex Studies Indicate Drug Could Help Reduce Cancer Risks
(04-17-06) Experimental Cancer Drug Slows Tumor Growth
(04-18-06) Further Developments At Merck Trial
(04-19-06) Push On Registry For Abused Prescription Drugs
(04-20-06) Man Charged For Prescription Forgery
(04-21-06) Consumer Watchdog Petitions FDA To Ban Drug
(04-24-06) Man Charged For Theft Of Prescription Drugs
(04-25-06) UK Vioxx Victims Await News On Claiming Against Merck
(04-26-06) Vioxx Victim Awarded Nine Million Dollars In Punitive Damages
(04-27-06) Abortion Pill Ruled Out As Cause Of One Out Of Two Deaths
(04-28-06) California Could Enjoy Greater Protection When It Comes To Drugs
(05-01-06) Drug Store Robber Faces Charges
(05-02-06) Findings On Cox-2 Drug Problems Could Lead To New Breed Of Painkiller
(05-03-06) Genetic Drug Dependency Links Identified
(05-04-06) Herbs Could Be As Effective As Vioxx In Killing Pain
(05-05-06) Drug Company Reaches Agreement After Fake Drug Indictment
(05-06-05) Risk Of Suicidal Tendencies In Paxil Patients
(05-08-06) Shareholder Action Against Merck Dismissed In Court
(05-09-06) Stronger Warning On Asthma Drugs Ordered By FDA
(05-10-06) Teens Continue To Abuse Prescription Medication
(05-11-06) Doctor Accused Of Aiding Drug Ring
(05-12-06) Patient Advocacy Groups Ask FDA To Ban Promotions On Medication
(05-15-06) Pfizer Slated For Violation Of Laws
(05-16-06) Pharmacy Robbery Suspect Arrested
(05-17-06) Sportscaster Arrested For Prescription Drug Thefts
(05-18-06) Antihistamine Linked To Deaths
(05-19-06) Report Stated Drug Manufacturers Exaggerate Claims
(05-22-06) Vioxx Heart Attacks Could Occur In First Couple Of Weeks
(05-23-06) FDA Approved Bone Marrow Disease Drug
(05-24-06) Pharmacy Robberies On The Rise
(05-25-06) ADHD Drugs Can Result In Hospitalization
(05-26-06) FDA Close To Decision On Approval Of Cervical Cancer Drug
(05-29-06) Merck Effects Could Start Far Earlier Than Originally Thought
(06-01-06) OTC Painkillers Linked To Heart Failure
(06-02-06) Pharmacy Chain To Pull Painkiller From Shelf
(06-05-06) Product Liability Case Begins Against Merck
(06-06-06) Another Robbery For Prescription Drugs
(06-07-06) Delays On First Celebrex Trial
(06-08-06) Concerns Over Bias In Drug Based Clinical Trials
(06-09-06) Blood Pressure Drugs Could Cause Birth Defects
(06-12-06) Arrests Made Over Pharmacy Robber For Oxycontin
(06-13-06) Cervical Cancer Drug Approved By Food And Drugs Administration
(06-14-06) Criticism On Action Over FDA Reforms
(06-15-06) Ephedra Products Back On Sale In Oklahoma
(06-16-06) FDA And ISMP Aim To Raise Awareness To Help Avoid Mistakes
(06-19-06) Iron Rich Formulas Could Increase Risk Of Parkinson’s
(06-20-06) Physician’s Group Wants Reduction On Consumer Drug Advertising
(06-21-06) Plaintiffs Claim Vioxx Study Scrapped By Merck
(06-22-06) Senator Forced To Crack Down On Illegal Online Pharmacies
(06-23-06) State Of Nevada Sues Merck
(06-26-06) Additional Powers May Be Given To FDA
(06-27-06) Correction Made To Vioxx Side Effects Study
(06-28-06) Jury Selection Begins In First California Vioxx Trial
(06-29-06) Prison Guard Arrested Over Drugs Charges
(06-30-06) Report Claims Drug Companies Unscrupulous
(07-03-06) Accelerated Approval Given To Leukaemia Drug
(07-05-06) Approval Given For Drug To Help Ease Vision Problems In The Elderly
(07-06-06) Cicero Man Arrested On Pharmacy Robbery Charges
(07-07-06) Vioxx Caused More Heart Attacks Than Aleve, Says Merck Data Analyst
(07-10-06) Warning Issued To Drug Maker By FDA
(07-11-06) FDA Sends Out Warning
(07-12-06) Many Drugs Not Certified Safe, Admits FDA
(07-13-06) Merck Wins Case In New Jersey
(07-14-06) Oxycontin Commission Wants Stiffer Tracking For Abusers
(07-17-06) Victim Testifies At California Vioxx Trial
(07-18-06) Cervical Cancer Vaccine Approved In Canada
(07-19-06) Doctor Sentenced To Over 40 Months In Prison
(07-20-06) Experts Say That Merck May Look At Global Settlements
(07-21-06) Experts Speak Out On Safety Of Prescribing Drugs
(07-24-06) Merck Argues Over Legal Fees Of Over Five Million
(07-25-06) FDA To Issue New Guidelines On Industry Ties
(07-26-06) Nearly Forty Organizations Lobbying To Stop Prescription Drug Advertising
(07-27-06) Cancer Drug May Harm Heart State Researchers
(07-28-06) Senator Wants FDA Investigated
(07-31-06) Thousands Of Prescription Drugs Stolen In Drugstore Burglary
(08-01-06) Abuse Of Painkilling Patches Concerns Authorities
(08-02-06) Court To Hear Appeal By Merck
(08-03-06) Another Victory For Merck
(08-04-06) Drug For Hunter Syndrome Approved By FDA
(08-07-06) Flu Vaccines Approved By FDA
(08-08-06) Labels Strengthened On ADHD Drug
(08-09-06) Alpha-Blocker Drugs Could Complicate Recovery From Cataract Surgery
(08-10-06) Bad News For Merck
(08-11-06) Banned Pesticide Allowed For Use As Treatment
(08-14-06) Doctors Should Learn More About Alternative Menopause Treatment
(08-15-06) Easier Way To Manage Drug Information For FDA
(08-16-06) FDA Collaboration To Improve Drug Safety
(08-17-06) Federal Panel Wants Drugs Tested On Inmates
(08-18-06) HIV Sufferers Could Benefit From Vaccine
(08-21-06) Lawsuit Filed Against Drug Manufacturer
(08-22-06) Man Sentenced To 11 Years For Oxycontin Overdose
(08-23-06) Many Pharmacists Unaware That Some Drugs Are Not Approved
(08-24-06) Mixed Results On Merck Painkiller
(08-25-06) Over 200 Arrests Made In State-Wide Drugs Raid
(08-28-06) Police Authority Working On Prescription Fraud
(08-29-06) Police Hunt Oxycontin Thief
(08-30-06) Accutane Restrictions Causing Problems
(08-31-06) Bill Introduced To Increase Drug Safety In U.S
(09-01-06) Celebrex Making A Comeback
(09-05-06) Fewer Side Effects From Schizophrenia Drug
(09-06-06) Prempro Trials Begin For Wyeth
(09-07-06) Researchers Say Asthma Inhalers Could Cause Death
(09-08-06) French Heart Drug Rejected By FDA
(09-11-06) Man Arrested In Connection With Oxycontin Robbery
(09-12-06) Man Confesses To Oxycontin Theft
(09-13-06) Manufacturer Starts To Ship Flu Vaccines
(09-14-06) Merck Attorneys Want Juror’s Financial Records
(09-15-06) Robbery At South Point Pharmacy
(09-18-06) Study Shows That Vioxx Heart Risks Can Occur Early On
(09-19-06) Merck Pleased About Dismissal Of Damages To Vioxx Victim
(09-20-06) New Vioxx Trial Ordered For Retired FBI Agent
(09-21-06) Online Prescription Drugs – Warnings From FDA
(09-22-06) OTC Pill Approved
(09-25-06) Petitioners Seek Stronger Warning For Medication
(09-26-06) Vioxx Could Reduce The Risk Of Colorectal Polyps
(09-27-06) Drug Advertising Could Be More Influential Than Thought
(09-28-06) FDA Sends Warning To Catheter Tip Manufacturer
(09-29-06) Merck Workers Not Allowed To Leave Messages About Vioxx
(10-02-06) Pharmacy Technician Charged With Husband On Drugs Charges
(10-03-06) Third Federal Vioxx Lawsuit Now Underway
(10-04-06) Celebrex Still Enjoying Huge Profits
(10-05-06) FDA Stands Up For Vioxx
(10-06-06) Further Problem Revealed In Relation To Vioxx
(10-09-06) Three Arrests After Discovery Of Oxycontin
(10-10-06) Wyeth Found Not Guilty Of Negligence In Drug Trial
(10-11-06) Another Pharmacy Robbery Takes Place
(10-12-06) Eleven Indicted For Manufacture And Sale Of Fake Drugs
(10-13-06) Merck Officials Granted Access To Juror’s Financial Records
(10-16-06) Naproxen Could Be The Safest Option For Many Patients
(10-17-06) Panel Says Drug Safety System Is Flawed
(10-18-06) Another Success Story For Merck
(10-19-06) Deadline For New Vioxx Lawsuits Expires In Over Twenty States
(10-20-06) Fast Track Designation Granted To Drug By FDA
(10-23-06) FDA More Cautious Over Drug Approvals, State Experts
(10-24-06) Harvard Heart Letter States Traditional NSAIDS Not Blameless When It Comes To Heart Problems
(10-25-06) Attorneys File Another Merck Lawsuit
(10-26-06) Bayer To Investigate Mistake Over Drug Safety
(10-27-06) Court Asks For Additional Help To Deal With Vioxx Cases
(10-30-06) Man To Be Jailed For Drug Theft From Hospital
(10-31-06) Former Police Chemist Arrested Over Theft Of Evidence
(11-01-06) Doctors Warned Over Painkiller Related Heart Attacks
(11-02-06) Claims Against Merck Dismissed By German Court
(11-03-06) Petition Rejected By FDA
(11-06-06) Rising Concerns Over 'Pharm' Parties
(11-07-06) Lawsuit Against Merck Dropped By Plaintiff
(11-08-06) Black Box Warnings Result In Reduced Use Of Anti-Depressants
(11-09-06) Concerns Over Rising Popularity Of Prescription Drug Abuse
(11-10-06) FDA Warns Anti-Depressant Patients Should Be Monitored More Closely
(11-13-06) New FDA Labelling Comes Into Force
(11-14-06) Accutane Could Affect Heart And Liver
(11-15-06) Acetaminophen Pills Recalled Due To Contamination
(11-16-06) Breast Cancer Treatment Approved By FDA
(11-17-06) More Abuse Of Prescription Medications Than Heroin In Canada
(11-20-06) Class Action Lawsuit Against Merck Approved By Quebec Judge
(11-21-06) Couple Charged With Theft Of Painkillers
(11-22-06) Deputy Commissioner Says FDA Should Raise Fees For Pharmaceutical Firms
(11-24-06) Despite Warnings Naproxen May Be Safe For Heart
(11-27-06) Experts State Consumers Can Make Huge Savings With Generic Drugs
(11-28-06) FDA And Pharmaceutical Companies Reach Agreement Over Fees For Ad Reviews
(11-29-06) Petition Rejected By FDA
(11-20-06) Pharmacy Robbery Suspect Arrested
(12-01-06) Studies Indicates Student Abuse Of Prescription Drugs Is Rising
(12-04-06) No Single Class Action Lawsuit Against Merck
(12-05-06) Petition Rejected By FDA
(12-06-06) Research Into Why Asthma Inhalers Can Have Adverse Effects
(12-07-06) Needs Of FDA Must Be Addressed
(12-08-06) Celebrex Approved For Children
(12-11-06) Lohan Abusing Prescription Painkillers
(12-12-06) Family Of Lung Cancer Man Receive Compensation
(12-13-06) Recall Extension For Omnicare Drugs
(12-14-06) Rising Concerns Over Pharm Parties
(12-15-06) Drug Distributors Plead Guilty To Conspiracy
(12-18-06) Man Fights For Damages For Mom’s Death
(12-19-06) Results Of Study Into Anti-Depressant Effects
(12-20-06) Increasing Concerns Over Pharm Parties
(12-21-06) Chewable Oral Contraceptive Introduced
(12-22-06) Dermatologists Unhappy With iPledge
(12-26-06) Public Citizen Offers Free Access To Drug Site For Developing Countries
(12-26-06) Research Reveals That Many Heart Attacks Could Result From Drop In Statins
(12-27-06) State Drug Database Introduced To Monitor Controlled Substances
(12-28-06) Another Vioxx Victory For Merck
(12-29-06) Approved Labelling For Trasylol
(01-02-07) Foradil Certihaler Approved By FDA
(01-03-07) Lilly Concealed Important Information About The Side Effects Of Drug
(01-04-07) Merck Wins Again Over Vioxx Claims
(01-05-07) Man Demands Prescription Drugs From Drug Store
(01-08-07) Oxycontin Distribution – Four Men Charged
(01-09-07) Blood Pressure Drug Received Tentative Approval From FDA
(01-10-07) Bush Signs New Dietary Supplement And Non-Prescription Drug Act
(01-11-07) Consumers Failing To Take Prescription Medications As Directed
(01-12-07) Consumers Think Pharmacists Are Highly Trustworthy
(01-15-07) FDA Approval Given To Aerosol Flu Vaccine
(01-16-07) FDA Monitors Abuse Of Cough Suppressant
(01-17-07) FDA Needs To Use Its Committees More Effectively
(01-18-07) Pancreatitis Side Effect Rare With Statins
(01-19-07) Pregnant Women And Infants Were Put At Risk In Drug Trial
(01-22-07) Prescription Drug Fraud On The Rise
(01-23-07) $32 Million Vioxx Damages Reduced To Under $8 Million
(01-24-07) Wyeth HRT Profits Set To Keep Rising
(01-25-07) Low Number Of FDA Drug Approvals Last Year
(01-26-07) US Drug Companies Will Outsource Clinical Trials
(01-29-07) Door Opened For Potential Class Action Against Merck
(01-30-07) Judge Persuaded To Halve Cases Heard At Next Vioxx Trial
(01-31-07) FDA Boosts Budget Through Increased Fees
(02-01-07) New Schizophrenia Drug Approved By FDA
(02-02-07) Are Drug And Medical Ads Getting Out Of Control?
(02-05-07) Block On Alimta May Be Lifted
(02-06-07) Common Painkillers Can Help To Fight Cancer According To Study
(02-07-07) Effectiveness Of Vaccines May Be Hindered By NSAIDs
(02-08-07) Has FDA Labelling Contributed To Increased Suicide Rates?
(02-09-07) Increased Risk Of Repeat Heart Attack With Cox-2 Drugs
(02-12-07) Lucentis Linked To Increased Risk Of Stroke
(02-13-07) Merck Lawsuit Dropped Before First Trial In Philadelphia
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