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Pfizer Hit With Viagra Lawsuit

Added July 5th, 2005

The pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, which is still suffering from the withdrawal of its best selling drug Bextra from the US market, has now been hit with a lawsuit for personal injury caused by Viagra. James Thompson, from Louisiana, is the first person to file a Viagra lawsuit against Pfizer, and he claims that the drug resulted in partial loss of vision. Pfizer is denying any evidence that Viagra causes such health effects, and claims that this is a safe drug.

Recent reports published in the Journal of Neuro-opthalmology indicated that there was a link between Viagra and loss of vision. Pfizer has already denied this link, and the Food and Drugs Administration are now investigating the claim that the drug can affect eyesight. Following the reports, there has been a call for Viagra to be pulled from the market – which would mean another of Pfizer’s best sellers being pulled from the shelves.

Viagra has been used by over twenty million men, and legal experts want approval for legal proceedings to go through as class action lawsuits. Out of the millions of men that have taken the drug, not many have suffered loss of vision altogether, but many have suffered impaired vision. The attorney dealing with this first Viagra lawsuit is an experienced Bextra lawyer.

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