Lamisil is a drug used to treat various forms of nail fungus. However, the dangerous side effects of this drug, which is manufactured by Novartis Pharmaceuticals , resulted in an FDA public health warning advising medics of the link between Lamisil and various dangerous side effects. The manufacturer of the drug also had to revise the labelling for the drug following reports of severe adverse side effects in some patients that had been prescribed this drug.

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From April 2001 sixteen reports of severe side effects from Lamisil were received by the FDA. Reports were also made of patients being given the wrong medication – a similarly names anti-epileptic drug called Lamictal. One of the most severe side effects in some patients that took Lamisil was live failure, which led to death in some patients. It was identified that patients that already had a history of liver problems were at increased risk of liver failure as a result of taking Lamisil.

Although the drug labelling was changed by the manufacturer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, following intervention by the FDA, many had already been affected by the adverse effects of Lamisil. The FDA also warned medical professionals to carry out test on patients before prescribing Lamisil to minimize on the risk of liver failure. This was to be done by taking a nail specimen for testing on potential Lamisil patients to ensure that there were no contraindications that would put the patient at increased risk of liver problems.

Anyone taking Lamisil is advised to see their doctor if they have any concerns about taking this drug. Your doctor can look into an alternative medication, and can carry out checks to ensure that you have not already suffered any ill-effect from using Lamisil. You should also see a doctor if you have suffered adverse health effects from taking Lamisil in the past, as the report from your doctor could enable you to file a successful lawsuit and claim compensation for your injuries.

With many practising drug litigation lawyer now operating all over the country, you should have no problem locating a fairly local specialist lawyer to deal with your Lamisil lawsuit. These legal professionals are experienced and skilled at handling drug compensation claims, and are therefore the best people to deal with you Lamisil lawsuit.

There are a number of considerations you need to make with regards to your compensation claim, and one of these is whether you should opt for a class action lawsuit with others that have suffered the same effects from the same medication; or whether to opt for an individual lawsuit where you claim for compensation alone. Your Lamisil lawyer will be able to advise you with regards to the best course of action to maximize on your chances of success and get you the best settlement figure possible.

A lawyer that has dealt with Lamisil cases in the past will already have established links with relevant groups and invaluable resources to help you file a successful lawsuit. It is therefore worth finding a lawyer that has drug litigation experience, and better still Lamisil lawsuit experience. A lawyer that has already dealt with this sort of case can draw on past experience and may be able to give you an idea of how successful your lawsuit is likely to be, and whether there are any pitfalls or loopholes to look out for.

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